Uninvestigated Claims

This page lists some climate change claims to be investigated. Students are free to choose these claims to investigate but can also investigate climate change claims that are not listed here.

  • Humans are causing climate change but the benefits of a warmer planet outweigh the dangers.
  • Greenhouse gases cause the planet to get warmer.
  • Carbon dioxide is necessary for life on the planet and therefore is not dangerous to humans.
  • Models of climate change do not represent actual evidence of climate change.
  • Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” graph includes a change in the way temperatures are measured and so is exaggerated.
  • The narrative about climate change is a scheme by the alternative energy industry to prop up their profits.
  • Scientists on the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change were caught artificially propping up the climate change narrative.
  • Landfalls of major hurricanes in the United States have declined over the past 140 years.